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Full-stack JavaScript developer with a background in environmental studies, CRM database management, non-profit fundraising, and publishing. I made a career change in 2018 and attended the Grace Hopper Program at Fullstack Academy in NYC. I'm passionate about telling stories with data, organizing information, and learning how things work "behind the scenes." Looking for opportunities to make a difference with my work.

Technical Skills

Experienced in working with the following technologies.









Galacticode is a platform for practicing foundational JavaScript concepts in a 3D gaming interface that guides players through increasingly difficult coding challenges. Players help Nova, a lost alien in space, get home by solving coding challenges to gain fuel points and unlock planets, all while practicing their JavaScript skills.


Parkitech is a geogtagged ticket board for park management that was created to fill a technology gap often found in small non-profits managing public parks and spaces. Parkitech has a responsive interface for use on mobile, tablet, and desktop devices both in the field and the office. Tickets are geotagged to record and plot their exact coordinates on a map, allowing for better tracking, organization, and analytics of park operations.


A simple web application built with React and Redux that allows users to search the Open Library API for books by title. Users can sort and filter search results or select one to view more details.


SpellBinder is a basic e-commerce web application that showcases a dynamic shopping cart component with update and delete functionality. Shoppers can search for spells by name, filter by category or type, and add one or more spells to their cart before logging in to check out.


When I'm not coding, I enjoy crochet, art & photography, puzzles, gaming, exploring urban parks, and searching for the best weather app.

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